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  • Developing a Warrior Mindset: Put On Your Armor

    Life is difficult sometimes and it can feel like going out to a battlefield.  Warriors of old knew the value of preparation before heading into battle. Everyday there may be a barrage of responsibilities, decisions, difficult people, deadlines, disappointments changes, and surprises.  By adopting the mindset of a warrior and equipping yourself with the tools for success, you can face life’s challenges with courage and resilience.

    Have a mission or guide that gives you purpose. What are the things that you value most.  What are your why’s? Do you have spiritual beliefs that guide your decisions or inform the way that you look at the world? Take those with you when you go out into the world.  An inspirational saying, scripture or a motto to guide your day will help you to feel relaxed and in control of your day.   Even if you are not a morning person it is worth it to set your clock 15 minutes earlier to prepare.

    Start your day with a battle plan. Just as a general strategizes before engaging the enemy, outline your tasks for the day and the week ahead. Having a clear plan not only helps you prioritize but also allows you to set boundaries and manage your time effectively. When unexpected challenges arise, you’ll be better equipped to handle them without feeling overwhelmed.

    Clothe yourself in attire that empowers you. Comfort and confidence go hand in hand, so choose garments that make you feel strong and capable.  Your clothing is a shield and the right clothing can help you command respect while communicating to the world a part of who you are. When you’re comfortable in your skin, you can focus more fully on the tasks at hand without distractions. Your attire should empower you, allowing you to focus solely on your mission.

    Putting on your armor means knowing your comrades.  Who or what reminds you that you are loved?  It may be a picture of a fun time or a piece of jewelry from a loved one. Perhaps someone has encouraged you in the past and you remember their words. Keep that in your possession to prompt you that you are not alone.

    Arm yourself with inspiration. Whether it’s a motivational quote or a personal mantra, let these words guide and uplift you throughout the day. Even if mornings aren’t your forte, dedicate a few extra minutes to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

    Document your victories, no matter how small, in your cell phone notes. During moments of self-doubt, these reminders of past successes can bolster your confidence and reignite your determination.

    Ensure you have an ample supply of fuel—both for your body and your vehicle. A well-balanced meal and proper hydration provide you with the focus and energy needed to tackle whatever obstacles come your way.

    In the battlefield of life, preparation is key. Are you going to be a worrier or a warrior?  Make a decision every morning.  Put on your armor, prepare for battle, and march forth with confidence into whatever challenges lie ahead.