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    About Rachelle Burrell

    Life’s many peaks and valleys can be so challenging at times that even the most resilient of people can benefit from the support of a therapist. I have spent a life time observing people, studying human behavior, and counseling diverse people from various backgrounds throughout all of the life stages. My clients are regular people facing extraordinary, life-changing circumstances. My experiences are in psychiatric and general health care environments including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and hospice. Services are available to ages 10 throughout adulthood. Counseling can be helpful at any age, whether you are a teenager navigating through the social, emotional, and academic challenges of adolescence, a young adult transitioning to adulthood, or an aging adult adjusting to retirement, health decline or loss of loved ones.

    As an experienced licensed clinical social worker I provide compassionate, trauma informed and culturally sensitive psychotherapy. My approach is client centered. I believe in the healing power of hope, and the capacity of individuals to heal themselves.

    My first duty as a therapist is to really listen to you in order to better understand your needs, strengths and goals. You in turn have the opportunity to share your story and talk about the things that are most important to you. Together, we will collaborate to develop the best treatment approach for you.


    • Howard University School of Social Work
    • Licensed in North Carolina

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    Principles to Guide the Therapeutic Process


    I understand that sharing personal information with anyone can be scary or unsettling. Knowing that your information will stay between therapist and client helps to build that trust needed so that you can be open and honest in your sessions.

    I use a HIIPPA compliant platform for all of my Telehealth visits.

    Mandatory reporting laws require that I report any abuse to appropriate authorities. I will report any information that is a safety concern for you or others. I am mandated to report anything that may be considered potential harm to you or others.


    Therapy can help you to think about your problem in new and different ways. I will encourage you to think outside of the box. You may think that you are not creative, but I believe that everyone is capable of finding new solutions and creating new experiences.

    "Non-judgement, quiets the internal dialogue, and this opens once again the doorway to creativity." Deepak Chopra


    I care about the experiences of others. I know that as a human being I cannot "fix" all of your problems but I can seek to understand, mentor and companion you on your life's journey. I believe that learning self-compassion is a first step in the therapy process.

    "If you compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete" Jack Kornfield.


    Therapy helps you to gain greater acceptance of yourself.

    "My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectation" Michael J. Fox

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